Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Buffalo, NY's Transmission Repair Experts

Transmissions are the most complex component of a car's engine. The function of your vehicle's transmission is to shift gears, delivering efficient power to the wheels by controlling the engine's speed-torque ratio.Because of their constant use in this important function, transmissions go through a lot of wear and tear as you drive. This natural deterioration, combined with a lack of upkeep and maintenance from most drivers who do not bother to change fluids on a regular basis, make it easy to understand why transmission issues are so commonplace.

If you think your transmission is acting up, Five Star Automotive of Buffalo, NY has the right mechanics for the job. Our technicians are trained in servicing both automatic and manual transmissions. We will thoroughly investigate what might be causing your issues, identify the problem, and repair of rebuild your transmission as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Transmission Repair Warning Signs

  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Grinding or shaking between gears
  • Whining or buzzing noises
  • Dark, burnt-smelling transmission fluid
  • Leaking transmission fluid
Transmission Repair Buffalo, NY
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